Deliver your chatbot experience on web, mobile, social platforms, smart speaker, or your private and secure channels.

The Challenge

Creating a chatbot for business processes in financial services and healthcare might lead to exposure of sensitive information, while social channels such as Facebook, Slack or Viber might fail to comply with existing data regulations.

The Solution

NativeChat supports building your own private and secure channels for the web, iOS, Android, and smart speaker using a set of SDKs and ready-to-use components.

One Bot, Multiple Channels

NativeChat lets developers define a chatbot once and then publish it to all supported messaging channels.

The bot logic and training is the same, and the NativeChat engine handles all the specifics and presentation.

  • Websites
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Facebook
  • Viber
  • Alexa
Channels One Bot

Private Channels

Many companies are cautious about passing user data over social platforms, preferring to handle the communication via their own secure channels, such as websites and mobile apps.

A NativeChat bot can be easily integrated into your websites and mobile apps.

Channels Site

Third-Party Authentication

Sometimes a chatbot needs to handle a process that requires the user to be authenticated within your systems.

NativeChat bots support standard OAuth authentication protocols and mechanisms to seamlessly provide third-party authentication. Additional providers and protocols are also available.

Channels 3rd-party Authentication

Progress NativeChat

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