Persona profiles

What is a persona

A persona is a fictional character type that represents real customer needs, feelings, and common behavioral patterns. Personas give an elaborate insight into customers’ and users’ motivations and actions and help you make better decisions to refine your business, marketing, design, or even development goals.

How to create a persona profile

First of all, you need to think about the visitor base of your website and identify major types of visitors. Based on visitors' behavioral patterns, you categorize them to create elaborate persona profiles in which you describe, as best as possible, this specific type, or category, of visitors. When creating a persona, you usually ask a set of questions. Some sample persona questions are:

  • What are their demographic characteristics
  • What is their lifestyle
  • What are their interests
  • What influences their purchase choices
  • What are their pain points
  • What are their goals
  • What are their past behaviors
  • What do they want from your company
  • What are their feelings and emotions
  • What type of information do they need and want
  • Where do they look for information

When creating a persona, it is best that you choose a name and a picture, or face, to represent each persona to make it more human, recognizable, and real.

After you have an idea how to answer these questions, you can Create and manage personas.

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