What is the workflow

To get started, login and create a data center in which visitor data is stored. Progress Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud processes and calculates the data to create reports based on the information you are interested in tracking. For example, you may want to track when a visitor becomes a qualified lead, or which digital assets drive a higher number of specific conversions. To segment your audience and deliver personalized content for each segment, you can utilize the persona scoring models or optimize the digital experience by identifying top attributing touchpoints and defining campaigns.

  1. Log in to Progress Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud and create a data center.
  2. Define which sites you track in this data center.
  3. Define conversions, touchpoints, persona profiles, or lead scoring models.
  4. Examine and analyze reports.
  5. Act upon the insights:
    1. Configure content personalization
    2. Run targeted email campaigns
    3. Apply changes in current digital assets

For more details, see Getting started with Progress Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud.

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