Sitefinity CMS Performance

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Comparison Overview Sitefinity 11 vs. Sitefinity 13

This report is a follow-up to a similar set of tests performed with Sitefinity CMS 11.0 in May 2018. Using a consistent testing methodology and set of metrics enables a direct comparison, highlighting the performance benefits of the latest major release, Sitefinity 13.

The tests demonstrate performance under varying workloads and measure key performance indicators, such as CPU usage, DB performance and available memory. This paper’s purpose is to help you choose the right Sitefinity CMS setup and configurations for the best performance to meet your business requirements.

Setup Information

  • Load tests were performed with an ASP.NET MVC-based website
  • The website was configured in accordance with the industry's best practices
  • Environment: Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Load tests executed with a varying number of web server nodes in an NLB setup
  • The source code of the tested project is available on GitHub