Forrester: The Pandemic Recession Demands a Digital Response

Learn how to innovate through ecosystems and adapt while laying the foundation for recovery

The global pandemic means that businesses must reshape their personnel management, workflows, and loss prevention processes. If businesses are going to adapt to the pandemic recession, they must streamline these processes.

Forrester Research talks about these challenges in their report, "The Pandemic Recession Demands a Digital Response." Experts discuss how businesses can adapt and grow by getting lean, heading all-in on ecosystems, and embracing agile at scale. 

This report details how a digital response to COVID-19 will help businesses prevent future disruptions. You'll learn why strengthening digital practices by analyzing organizational and technological strategies is a must. That includes assessing your vendor ecosystems as a step toward enhancing resiliency. 

  • Firms must leverage their strengths by focusing on their core platforms to become more resilient during a recession
  • The key to future proofing is innovating through ecosystems
  • The keys to building a foundation for business continuity are operating for insights, orchestrating for agility, and outsourcing for speed
  • Achieving a more value-aligned way of streamlining workflows is thanks to a result of business agility at scale

Download a copy of this report today to learn how your business can ensure current and future stability by taking a digital approach with ecosystems. 

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