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The Secret to Making Your B2B Site a Conversion Machine

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Forrester Research Shares a Web Conversion Optimization Framework for Converting B2B Buyers

Every B2B buyer is also a B2C consumer. Your prospects, customers, and partners expect the same responsive, relevant, and meaningful digital experiences they receive on Amazon and Netflix when they visit your B2B website. Yet many sites are still brochureware; often, they are designed to support the selling process instead of enabling the buying process, resulting in friction points that depress conversion rates and stop would-be buyers in their tracks.  

This session explores the process of web conversion optimization, looking specifically at strategies, techniques, and insights B2B organizations are using to deliver an interconnected buyer experience. Learn how to connect with and convert B2B buyers using a three-step web conversion framework that:

  • Provides an impactful experience that entices buyers to explore your site
  • Build credibility and trust with buyers across all points of the digital journey
  • Makes your offering irresistible by aligning it with the specific needs of your buyer


Jessie Johnson
Jessie Johnson

Principal Analyst, Forrester