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Supercharge Your Development with Sitefinity and .NET Core

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If you want to leave a lasting legacy with your digital projects, you need to address sticky legacy tech in your stack.

The Sitefinity .NET Core replatforming initiative helps developers do just that. With the introduction of a new, standalone presentation engine built on .NET Core, Sitefinity is significantly shifting the way developers support their businesses with immersive, cross-platform digital experiences and solutions.

Want to see how the new 3-tier architecture helps you future-proof your projects? Get a look at the state of the .NET Core replatforming journey with this on-demand webinar and experience firsthand just how easy custom development is. You’ll learn how to:

  • Build your projects on .NET Core with a starter kit for developers
  • Capitalize on the new 3-tier architecture to improve scalability and performance
  • Take full advantage of the .NET Core development suite
See how the latest evolution of the Sitefinity architecture equips you to develop for the future.