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Deliver Personalized Experiences for Your Business

New technologies are shifting the way companies engage their customers and prospects. Personalization is one of those technologies—what started out as a basic marketing tool has quickly become a marketing must-have. Now, we’re living in the time of Personalization 2.0—an age of hyper personalized customer experiences.

Help us usher in Personalization 2.0. Join our guest Brendan Witcher of Forrester Research as he discusses how companies can craft more personalized experiences and the benefits of personalization. Our own Chris Doran will also discuss Sitefinity’s experience management capabilities and how they can be used to create highly personalized experiences.

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  • Why understanding your customers is important for crafting personalized experiences
  • How personalization has changed and why it’s becoming the new industry standard
  • What to do with all the data your customers are providing at every touchpoint
  • Ways you can use data-driven insights to identify customers and deliver cross-channel

Brendan Witcher, Principal Analyst for Forrester Research

Brendan serves eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals. He is a leading expert on ecommerce business, consumer behavior and technology trends in the digital engagement space. He is also a noted authority on technology developments that affect both online and offline commerce industries, as well as vendors that help facilitate delivery of today's leading strategies and tactics in digital excellence.


Chris Doran, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Progress

After spending 10+ years in the digital marketing industry in various roles, Chris re-joined Progress in 2015 because he believes the Progress portfolio can solve many of the problems he faced at other companies throughout his career. With a passion for technology and marketing, Chris leverages his eight years of experience at Microsoft, various startups and other mid-sized companies to focus on bringing fantastic products to market.