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Ask Me Anything: Kafka for Streaming Data

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The latest non-LTS release of OpenEdge 12.5 comes with several new, exciting features. One of our favorites? Apache Kafka, designed for streaming data integration and capable of handling trillions of events a day. This new feature in OpenEdge 12.5 offers native Apache Kafka integration for Windows and Linux, as well as a new object-oriented API that replaces the procedural-based ABL-JMS API.

In this Ask Me Anything Session, you’ll learn how users can take advantage of OpenEdge Messaging with Apache Kafka. You’ll also see:

  • An overview of OpenEdge Messaging, which is the point of integration with OpenEdge 12.5
  • How Kafka provides fault tolerance and scalability through the use of Kafka clusters

Watch this recording to learn how to use this feature to take streaming data to the next level.

Your Hosts for the Session

David Cleary

David Cleary

Software Architect


Matt Baker

Software Architect

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