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How LexisNexis Solved Their Clients’ Reporting Challenges

Evolving Reporting with OpenEdge Pro2

On-Demand Webinar

Reporting plays a pivotal role in today’s data-driven world, providing deep insight into every facet of business operations. This makes reporting a critical part of modern business applications.

In this webinar, Progress partner LexisNexis will show you how they used OpenEdge Pro2 to modernize their workflow application and provide customers with reporting capabilities. Join LexisNexis and the OpenEdge Pro2 team to learn how LexisNexis was able to:

  • Provide near real-time access to mission-critical data
  • Embed OpenEdge Pro2 directly into their application, molding it for their specific needs
  • Drive more value to clients (and their clients’ clients) with reporting capabilities
  • Lay the foundation for future cloud projects

The modern digital landscape is constantly evolving—see how Progress can help you stay one step ahead and meet your clients’ demands. Watch this webinar today!



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