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Webinar: SQL or SOQL
for Salesforce Analytics

The Great Data Query Debate

Salesforce analytics and BI continues to be a trending, hot topic as organizations implement new platforms to improve their customer intelligence. But what’s the best way to access the data? SOQL is the popular query language for Salesforce. However, SQL may be better suited for accessing data for analytics. Join us in the great SOQL vs. SQL query debate to see which one is best for your analytics project.

Inside Look: MicroStrategy shares their analytics journey with Salesforce data.

Title: SQL or SOQL for Salesforce Analytics

Ani Jain, Product Manager, MicroStrategy
Jeff Leinbach, Principal Software Engineer, Progress DataDirect

During this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to get SQL access to Salesforce data
  • Best practices in querying Salesforce data across SQL vs. SOQL for analytics
  • Microstrategy's analytics journey with Salesforce data
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