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What Happens to Salesforce Data When You Acquire a Company?

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Do you work for a software company?

Mergers and acquisitions have played a major role in how organizations grow their business, with over 48,000 occurring in 2023 alone, according to Bloomberg Law. These transitions don’t come without challenges, however—and one such challenge is what to do with data.

Justin Donlon, VP of Enterprise Applications at Progress, leads sales operations and deals with acquisition-related Salesforce instances. Watch as Justin and the Progress DataDirect team to explore:

  • What your options are for working within two systems and handling sales data
  • Whether to migrate or virtualize data for on-demand access and minimal data loss and alteration
  • How DataDirect can allow you to access external data in Salesforce (demo)

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Your Speakers for the Session

Justin Donlon Progress

Justin Donlon

VP, Enterprise Applications


Todd Wright Progress

Todd Wright

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Aaron Burg Progress

Aaron Burg

Principal Sales Engineer