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Managing Your Salesforce Costs for Data Access

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Because Salesforce is the most popular CRM in use by enterprises today, it’s likely that your company relies on Salesforce to manage and store customer data. With Progress DataDirect you are able to gain a fast, secure, and low cost access between your CRM and your cloud and on-prem data.

In our on-demand webinar, the Progress DataDirect team will show you how you can get reliable real-time access to data and simplify reporting.

The team will discuss:  

  • How using Salesforce Connect can enable organizations to securely connect to data
  • How customers can keep sensitive data behind a firewall and comply with strict data privacy laws
  • More efficient ways organizations can manage Salesforce costs while enriching Salesforce data with multiple on-premises data sources

Watch our webinar to see the options that are available to you.