Webinar: Integrate Oracle Data with Salesforce Connect

A faster, easier way to integrate Oracle with Salesforce

Salesforce Connect adds high-octane fuel to your integration strategy. Join us for a one-hour webinar where we show you a faster, easier way to integrate Oracle and Salesforce with Salesforce Connect.

There are many integration patterns to connect Salesforce with Oracle, but only one high-octane solution—Salesforce Connect. This fast, "clicks not code" approach uses OData to make data objects available in real time and appear native to Salesforce, despite residing in an on-premise warehouse or ERP/CRM system. Our latest webinar compares popular patterns and explains when and how to use Salesforce Connect most effectively.

This webinar mentions the product DataDirect Cloud. The DataDirect Cloud capabilities discussed in this webinar are now available in DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline.

During this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How Salesforce Connect delivers fast Salesforce-Oracle integration
  • About common Oracle sources that require integration
  • How popular Salesforce-Oracle integration patterns differ
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