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Ask Me Anything: Data Access for BI and Analytics

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To make informed decisions, it is important to have access to all your data. When it comes to your BI and Analytics programs, the more data you put in, the greater insights you are likely to receive into how to make the right decisions to impact business performance.

Progress DataDirect not only provides data connections to what can be considered "traditional data sources," but also newer data sources that can easily be used with popular BI tools such as Power BI and Tableau.

In this recording, you’ll see how DataDirect provides seamless data access for BI and Analytics tools, gaining your organization a competitive data-driven advantage. You’ll also see:

  • How DataDirect connectors are customized to provide enhanced performance and functionality for both Power BI and Tableau
  • New data connectors that Progress DataDirect has added for real-time data access

If you are ready to take your BI and Analytics programs to the next level, don't wait any longer and watch our webinar today!