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7 Takeaways From the 2020 DataDirect Data Connectivity Survey

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The culmination of different technology trends has triggered a massive upheaval in organizational data strategy. This leaves today’s data professionals with even more to consider as they look to modernize and renovate their programs.

The DataDirect 2020 Data Connectivity Report looked at how data professionals worldwide are responding to the changing data landscape. Knowledge Integrity survey experts David Loshin and Abie Reifer will dive even deeper into the report’s findings.

Join us as they reveal seven key takeaways, including a look at why… 

  • Connectivity is still a challenge, especially with cloud and on-prem data
  • Security is a concern in regulated industries, but it’s not slowing cloud adoption
  • System diversity is on the rise, with businesses using both Windows and Linux

Based on responses from over 1,800+ data professionals across 13 industries, this webinar will give you a peek into how businesses worldwide are making the most of their data.