Case Escalations

March 28, 2022

Case Escalations

Hello and welcome to our video on How to Escalate a Case within SupportLink.  SupportLink is part of the Progress Community.  We recommend using the Chrome browser and bookmarking directly, to enable you to get here the fastest.  Access to SupportLink requires you to be logged into the community.  Check out our video on Accessing the Community if you need any assistance logging in.  You can access SupportLink by using the Support item in the main navigation or through the SupportLink tile on the community homepage.

Once in SupportLink, you will click on the Manage Cases tile.  Once in the Manage Cases section, you will need to locate the case you wish to escalate.  Once you locate the case, click on the case number or subject to go to the Case Details page.  Once on the detail page, you will find the Escalate Case button in the top right section of the page.

You must provide a reason for the case escalation, otherwise, the case cannot be escalated.  We ask that you please limit your escalations to situations where you are being significantly impacted by an issue and feel that you are not receiving the proper level of support. 

After completing your escalation reason and clicking the Escalate button, a red arrow icon will appear in the Escalation Indicator field.  You will also see this indication on the Manage Cases page.

When you escalate a case, it is placed on an internal escalation list so that our management team is aware of your escalation.

That is all for this video.  We encourage you to check out our other videos to help you get set up for success with Progress.  Thank you!

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