Get a Proof of Concept Chatbot

We'll develop a custom proof of concept solution for you, integrated
with your existing business applications, in just two weeks.

How Does the Proof of Concept Program Work?

We'll talk to you about your use case and requirements. Then we'll build a chatbot for you—integrated with your systems and deployed to your channels.

Up and running in 2 weeks

In two weeks we'll build a cognitive chatbot that you can beta test with your customers, management and colleagues.

No risk engagement

You get your chatbot powered by Conversational UI and AI for a fixed price and within a fixed timeframe.No surprises or long-term commitments.

Best practices & consulting

You also get free consultation and best practices advice on how to build your organization’s chatbot.

Is It Right for Me?

Not Sure if I Need a Chatbot

Start small and get to market quickly with a proof of concept to see if chatbots are right for your business.

No In-House Bot Expertise

Chatbot development, conversational UI and AI are new ground for most companies and developers. Rather than go it alone, leverage the experience of Progress for first-class results.

No Time to Learn New Tech

Learning a new technology takes time and money. Accelerate your chatbot adoption and development with the help of Progress.

Experience NativeChat Without Risk

Get a custom AI bot integrated with your systems and channels in just two weeks.