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How Does the NativeChat MVB Program Work?

Progress can help you meet the demand for self-service chat experiences. Our experts will evaluate your unique requirements, and then build a chatbot for you that's integrated with your systems and deployed to your channels.

MVB in Two Weeks

In two weeks, we'll build a cognitive chatbot MVB you can beta test with your customers, management and colleagues.

You're in Control

After the MVB, our chatbot experts guide you through the process, or if if you prefer we'll finalize the creation of bot intents and conversational flow.

Knowledge Transfer

Lastly, we’ll train you to efficiently take on conversation training and bot maintenance. You’ll have everything you need to succeed with your chatbot.

Is the NativeChat MVB Program Right for Me?

Not Sure if I Need a Chatbot

Find out for sure by starting small and getting to market quickly to validate your business case and ROI assumptions.

No In-House Bot Expertise

Count on Progress chatbot experts to help you navigate design, development, conversational UI and AI for first-class results.

No Time to Learn New Tech

Accelerate your chatbot development and adoption with the help of Progress knowledge transfer.


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