For the insurance industry, the digital journey requires a focus on customer engagement and operational efficiency.
Established insurance companies are facing shifting customer loyalties and competition from new digital agencies. This disruption is putting significant pressure on insurance incumbents to quickly deliver the new digital products and services that customers demand while increasing operational efficiency.
Insurers need to go digital and differentiate based on what makes them unique. However, inefficient legacy infrastructure and processes are pervasive among established insurers—a problem that is further amplified by the fact that modern software delivery is often not a core competency.

Why Kinvey for Digital Innovation in Insurance

Rapidly delivering digital innovation for established insurers is what makes Progress unique.
Focused on Established Enterprises
Progress offers a variety of services for each stage of the journey, from strategy, design and development to customer success. This includes services that transform your ideas into solutions, like the digital experience fast track—a program that provides you with a digital prototype that can be shown to key stakeholders.
Engineered for Insurance IT 
Insurers are faced with countless emerging technologies while trying to manage legacy IT investments. Our modern app platform empowers existing development talent and includes patented technologies to deliver consumer-scale and connected experiences with core insurance systems, without disrupting operations—all while protecting sensitive information.
Accelerated Digital Innovation 
Start with the industry’s most modern enterprise-grade building blocks to focus on delivering value. Create differentiated solutions using leading Progress technologies, including cross-platform native apps, conversational experiences with voice and chat, augmented reality and our IoT gateway with automated AI/ML services. 

Use Cases in Insurance

Established insurers choose Progress Kinvey to deliver solutions across a variety of use cases focused on digital innovation. 
Differentiate with Consumer Engagement 
Insurers are looking to differentiate by delivering solutions focused on the consumer experience. This starts with enterprise-connected apps and portals that are deployed with consumer-scale on Progress Kinvey, enabling your customers to experience your services on their terms—whenever or wherever they need it most. 
Self-Service AI-Powered Chatbots
With the rise of chatbots among both established competitors and digital upstarts, customer self-service has become a necessity for insurers. Rapidly deliver AI-powered chatbots that converse with customers using natural language and automate common, time-consuming interactions with enterprise data such as policy advice, claims processing or digital payments.
Reinvent Employee and Field Portals
Engage employees in the office or the field using digital channels to improve productivity and transform the workplace. Progress Kinvey reinvents how employees work by providing that one secure app experience, made up of microapps for each enterprise system, and available on iOS, Android and web.  

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