Create a healthier world by accelerating your digital journey.

With a move from volume to value, healthcare organizations are faced with:

  • Improving operational and clinical outcomes
  • Reducing the per capita cost of healthcare
Rising costs coupled with converging socio-economic and health policy trends are presenting payers, providers, and pharma with an opportunity to use digital solutions that apply artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to drive clinical and operational efficiencies by improving data governance, care collaboration and lowering costs.

Why Kinvey for Digital Innovation in Healthcare

Deliver operational and clinical efficiency and a seamless digital experience by leveraging a HIPAA-compliant cloud platform. Kinvey is the foundational technology for Progress Health Cloud.
Reduce Integration Complexity
Focus your time and resources on building an engaging user experience by leveraging the backend and integration capabilities built into Progress Health Cloud.

Virtualizing data and identity sources eliminates the development burden of having to learn and access information from multiple EHR systems, claims systems and other data sources.
Improve Speed to Digital Innovation
Building a health cloud calls for assembling a team that has the skills to manage containers, develop microservices, come up with change management procedures, ensure security and compliance and much more.

Progress Health Cloud includes everything required to build and deploy solutions, proven at scale, secure, compliant and with an SLA guarantee.
Built-In HIPAA compliance
We assure the HIPAA compliance of the cloud infrastructure and all the built-in services and capabilities via a Business Associate Agreement we sign with you. Your focus on compliance is just the application itself.

Contrast that with the alternative of building your own cloud where you have the responsibility, time and expense of ensuring HIPAA compliance across the entire stack from the cloud infrastructure up.

Use Cases in Healthcare

The Progress Health Cloud Platform can help payers, providers and pharma reduce cost, improve operational efficiencies and drive strategic decisions by putting the right data in the right place at the right time, across multiple channels through secure, compliant apps that work with existing disparate data sources, such as multiple EHR systems.
Reduce Readmission Penalties 
Readmission penalties contribute $41.3 billion in total hospital costs by one estimate.

The Progress solution uses medical claims data to create predictive models of readmission patient type by disease state, such as AMI, CHF, COPD and pneumonia.

By leveraging existing data assets, organizations can improve patient outcomes and reduce readmission penalties.
Reduce Patient No-Shows  
Reduce patient no-shows by applying AI and ML to drive clinical and operational efficiencies by improving data governance and care collaboration.

Chronically ill patients have an increased risk of multiple co-morbidities. Predictive and prescriptive analytics create miss/cancel probabilities for each patient and the impact on the practice.
Reduce Administrative Costs 
A configurable clinical solution enables organizations to have easy-to-use, intuitive electronic data capture apps to make quick work of assigning roles, configuring study workflow, defining query management and randomization, and creating electronic case report forms.

Enable teams to collaborate in near-real time regardless of location or platform. Progress Health Cloud helps improve cross-enterprise collaboration, supply chain management and patient access and services to improve administrative efficiencies.
Success Story

Canopy Health Delivers a More Engaging Patient Experience with Kinvey

Canopy Health utilizes Kinvey as a means of standardizing and accelerating app development. This helped create new mobile and web applications for patients that greatly enhanced the overall digital experience, enabling them to better manage their own health.

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