Progress Innovation Tour

Spend the day immersed in exploring technologies and trends to ensure your place as a digital leader, devising an innovation strategy to meet your operational and business aspirations.

About the Tour

In today’s hyper digital universe, technology innovation and business innovation go hand-in-hand. What technologies do you need to ensure your business is a leader? Join us for this half-day event where we’ll help you devise an innovation strategy to meet your operational and business aspirations. We’ll explore how impactful disruption allows organizations to lead.  You will learn how to address the challenges in delivering seamless omni channel experiences, how OpenEdge apps can participate in digital disruption, and how broader real-time access increases the value of data. 

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8:30am – 9:05am

Breakfast, Welcome & Introductions


Accelerating Digital Innovation

In today’s digital economy, traditional boundaries have vanished creating opportunities for new entrants, but challenges for incumbents. Your customers - and your customers' customers - demand personalized, highly-interactive engagement through an ever-increasing number of channels. In this half-day event, we will explore how impactful disruption allows organizations to lead. Learn how Progress has helped organizations to accelerate digital innovation and bolster their business.

Enabling the Omni Channel Experience, Part 1

Providing customers with coordinated omnichannel experiences requires organizations to build more apps for more platforms than ever before. Increasingly, these apps must integrate with more diverse backend systems, requiring specialized resources, extending delivery dates and resulting in less compelling and less functional apps.  We’ll discuss how you can address these challenges to build better apps faster and lower your total cost of ownership.  Learn how Canada’s Highway 407 ETR (Express Toll Route) scales its mobile app to support 2M+ customers while providing a superior customer experience.

Enabling the Omni Channel Experience, Part 2

For years web sites have been the primary channel or digital touchpoint for many forms of business.  Web Content Management (WCM) systems support lead generation and customer engagement and they are expanding to address broader challenges of emerging Digital Experience Platforms (DXP).  We'll show how Progress can help you to meet the requirements of DXP through compelling case studies.

How OpenEdge Systems Participate in Digital Disruption

Today's strategic business applications must rapidly evolve to address the expectations of the digital economy.  The constantly changing marketplace means your OpenEdge applications must account for an exploding number of user and data connections, secure and agile cloud deployment and demands for personalized engagement throughout the business.  This means being open to modern UI/UX, leveraging current API integrations, and operating at scale for growth without impacting performance. Find out how Progress can help you address these challenges using real-world customer successes.

Supporting Data Analytics and Real-Time Access to Data

Business applications are deluged by requests from business analysts, data engineers and data scientists who are seeking to deliver ROI from large investments in data analytics.  How do you drive access to real-time data to enable faster business decisions despite issues of ever-increasing data sources, security regulations and integration challenges?  Learn how organizations have partnered with Progress to support “bring your own analytics (BYOA)” for popular analytics tools and how broader real-time access increases the audience and value of data.

12:45pm – 1:30pm

Lunch and Networking

1:30pm – 1:45pm

Final Q&A and Closing Remarks