Personalize non-Sitefinity CMS pages

You can track Sitefinity CMS personalized pages and Sitefinity CMS pages with personalized widgets out-of-the-box. However, if you are tracking a non-Sitefinity CMS page, or, for example, a mobile application using Sitefinity Insight personas, you must follow the conventions described below. These conventions enable data integration from third-party websites or applications.

When must you use the personalization conventions? When you need to personalize non-Sitefinity CMS systems and pages.
What happens if I do not follow the conventions?  The personalization reports do not work at all or return invalid information.
What do the personalization conventions require?

When the visitors hit a personalized version of a page, because of a visitor’s segment, the interaction needs to be reported to Sitefinity Insight in the following way:

  • Predicate: “Visit
  • Object: “Full Url
  • Object metadata: Contains data about Personalization Type, Personalization Segment, and optionally Personalization Segment Id.
For example:
For additional information, see Sitefinity Insight API data types.

Additionally, you can use the Sitefinity Insight sample to learn how you can leverage the JavaScript SDK to work with three key types of personalization - by persona and lead scoring. Explore the sample in the GitHub repository.

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