Personalization by persona in Sitefinity CMS

When creating personalization segments in Sitefinity CMS, you can base the segments on any persona that you defined in Sitefinity Insight. Thus, you can serve personalized content to visitors representing, or associated to, a certain persona. 

To do this, when creating a personalization segment in Sitefinity CMS, you:

  1. Choose the Set of characteristics radio button.
  2. In the dropdown menu, select Persona (from Sitefinity Insight).

    For each persona, you can see details, such as its name and the distinctive characteristic, for example, John Smith, marketer.

  3. Select the specific persona, on whom to base your new segment.

As a result, any visitor associated to this this persona sees the personalized content.

If a visitor is associated to more than one persona (passed more than one persona thresholds), you decide what content to deliver to this visitor using the segment's priorities. Basically, you choose whether a visitor is associated or not associated to a certain persona. 

NOTE: If a persona is deleted in Sitefinity Insight and there is a segment in Sitefinity CMS that is using this persona, you get a message in the list with segments. You see a label that there is a problem with this segment.
If Sitefinity Insight is connected and used but there are no personas created, persona criteria is still visible in the criteria list but when selected, you see a message that no personas are created yet.

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