The Ultimate Guide to Website Personalization

Drive Bottom-Line Impact Using Personalization

There is a new Gold Rush going on right now and the gold of the 21st century is data. But, is data really treated as an asset? How can you make the most of it, fast?

There are many ways to put your company's data to work and by far, personalization is one of the most exciting and effective. Just look at online giants such as Google, Netflix or Amazon, and you'll find living proof that data is a resource that helps build a digital empire.

Download our extensive 30-page guide to get a step ahead of the competition, armed with strategies for an optimized, ever-improving plan to drive bottom-line impact using personalization.

Key Takeaways

  • How Personalization Works:

    Various types of personalization can assist with different levels of the customer journey. You can use educated hypotheses or analytics to decide how and what to personalize.

  • How Personalization Can Improve the Funnel:

    Use a data-driven perspective to pick which data points will improve various conversion rates.

  • Challenges:

    To truly scale with personalization, best practices must be incorporated in systems of engagement to enable quick iterations and an evolving personalization strategy.

  • Personalization and Content Management:

    Proper content architecture can enable organizations to deliver personalized experiences quicker and more effectively.

  • Personalization and Analytics:

    Analytics can assist with segmentation and idea generation, helping you decide what to personalize and for whom.

  • Bridging the Channels:

    The need to deliver a consistent personalized message across channels will drive a lot of your efforts going forward.

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