Sitefinity CMS 11 Performance

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Optimize Your Sitefinity Performance

Understanding detailed performance results for Progress Sitefinity CMS helps organizations deploy and scale their business applications. This whitepaper aims to demonstrate the platform’s performance capabilities under different load scenarios and measure key performance metrics, such as CPU usage, DB performance and available memory. The tests are executed on a single and multiple nodes with load balancer (NLB). With the results in hand, you can easily compare system performance and evaluate which setup would work best for your website.

Note: The source code of the tested project is available on GitHub.

Setup Information

  • The tested Sitefinity app is entirely built with MVC-based widgets

  • The website’s configurations are optimized by following the best practices

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) is used as a test environment
  • The database is hosted on Amazon RDS service
  • The traffic load is distributed with the help of Amazon Application Load Balancer