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G2 Report: Sitefinity vs. Adobe

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Customers demand omnichannel experiences with rich, relevant content delivered instantly through the digital channel they choose. With so many CMS options on the market today, where do you begin?

Compared to Adobe, Sitefinity makes it easy to manage scalable, enterprise-grade websites—marketers and other non-technical professionals can easily create, publish and manage content without IT. Sitefinity is also highly customizable, providing developers all the tools they need to add unique, complex functionality to their sites that differentiates their digital experience.

For a complete feature-by-feature comparison of Sitefinity and Adobe, check out this report from G2 and see how two of the most popular CMS platforms match up. Based on feedback from real-world users, this report illustrates how Sitefinity excels in 20+ categories when compared to Adobe.

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