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Segmentation vs. Personalization vs. "Persona-zation". Explore the Difference.

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The "business" wants personalization... The "dev team" knows what reality is. See how it can help.

Jen is a marketer. She reads the articles and has seen the stats on how delivering personalized web experiences can increase conversions and lead to greater ROI. 

Megan is a lead web developer. She needs to balance Jen's expectations of dream state and real-world possibilities with what the technology can do. 

Join us for a "she said, she said" view of how one (demanding) Demand Gen VP asked her web team for personalized web experiences with Sitefinity, and how they wowed her when they delivered. 

Listen to their dialogue on the meaning of segmentation vs. personalization, as well as how to:

  • Define and then establish a data criteria for a segment
  • Define and then establish a data criteria for a persona
  • Execute at a campaign level within your CMS
  • 1:1 personalization vs. personalizing to a segment (i.e. persona-zation)
  • Is 1:1 personalization a nirvana state? (You would know. Yes, you! It's your current registration page experience.)


Jen McAdams
Jen McAdams

VP of Demand Gen and Field Marketing

Megan Gouveia
Megan Gouveia

Lead Web Developer