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How Flywheel Uses Sitefinity Insight to Drive Tangible Results

On-Demand Webinar

Today’s digital marketers are more directly accountable for business results than ever before. But with data growing increasingly complex and fragmented, connecting marketing strategy to bottom-line results is a formidable challenge.  

Progress Sitefinity Insight enables marketers to drive demonstrable growth by understanding and optimizing every customer’s individual journey. Join us to see how Progress Sitefinity partner Flywheel Strategic uses Sitefinity Insight to make actionable decisions that drive real results—and how you can too.

This webinar will discuss:

  • The basics of Sitefinity Insight and the importance of turning anonymous visitors to known contacts
  • Personas and why you need to know your audience
  • Conversions and touchpoints
  • Lead scoring and journey timelines

Learn from the experts that use Sitefinity Insight daily to make smarter marketing decisions.

Note: This webinar references Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud which was renamed to Sitefinity Insight as a part of the Sitefinity 13.0 release. Learn more about Sitefinity Insight.

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