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Chart a path to the digital future and become an invaluable strategic partner

Your clients are hungry to build digital experiences that will give them a competitive advantage in the future. But, enthusiasm can sometimes dip once it comes time to discuss the cost and complexities involved with transformational digital projects. That's because, until recently, the digital experience platforms (DXPs) intended to enable these projects were unnecessarily expensive and complex.

With Sitefinity DX, the core to a composable DXP, you can remove these barriers by providing your clients with a practical, yet strategic, path to their future state as a digital innovator. Help them build the future as needed, when needed, and become an invaluable strategic partner along the way.

Watch this webinar, exclusively for our partners, to learn what's new in Sitefinity DX 14 and how it can help you and your clients, including: 

  • How to leverage Sitefinity DX for the most pressing digital experience priorities
  • A review of the new packaging model
  • How to position, sell, and implement Sitefinity DX