Customer Experience is the New Business Battleground

Nearly two-thirds of customers value the ability to personalize and customize their brand experiences. What are you doing to serve these prospects?

Today, organizations must create a unique, personalized digital experience from web to mobile—doing so may result in higher ROI, customer retention and profitability. If businesses want to craft these experiences, they need to embrace the digital technologies that enable them to do so.

Watch this on demand webinar as Sheryl Kingstone, Research Director at the 451 Research; Rob Sanders, Senior Strategist & Business Analyst from; and Chris Doran, Senior Manager, Product Marketing at Progress, as they discuss:

  • The four-pronged approach to digital transformation and how it can impact customer experiences
  • The shift in digital operations necessitated by changes in customer communication expectations
  • The ways digital transformation is impacting different verticals and industries and how leaders in those areas are developing strategies to stay ahead
  • The role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in delivering contextually relevant experiences
  • Successful examples of digital experiences addressing business goals while solving user challenges