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Elevate Your Enterprise with the Sitefinity Digital Experience Platform

QAD Webinar Week, Session 2

On-Demand Webinar

In today’s unpredictable and extraordinary business environment, customer behavior and buyer preferences have changed, in some cases, permanently.  This affects both internal and external customers as well as all of your partners within the supply chain. 

All organizations are facing the threat of being disrupted by competitors that deliver exceptional digital experiences. This trend will accelerate as companies conduct more business and more customer engagement online. In this session, you’ll learn how Progress Sitefinity:

  • Elevates the way your enterprise enables customer self-service
  • Automates processes to meet your customers’ needs dynamically
  • Engages with customers in personalized and innovative ways

Plus, we’ll look at how Sitefinity can integrate with applications like QAD EE.

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