OpenEdge Pro2 5.0:
A Fast Track to Superior
Data Replication

Wednesday, May 3, 2017, 11:00 am ET


Faster replication, easier change management, streamlined configuration—get it all with OpenEdge Pro2 5.0

Data has never been more vital to the success of the enterprise. With data replication, companies can ensure the data they rely on so heavily is accurate and updated whenever they need it.

Now, you can supercharge your data replication performance with the latest release of Progress® OpenEdge® Pro2—specifically if you’ve upgraded to OpenEdge 11.7. Performance tests have shown that Pro2 using Change Data Capture (CDC) can replicate data much more rapidly to your target database when compared to Pro2 using replication triggers. Now you’ll have access to reporting and analytic data even faster than before.

Learn more at our upcoming webinar on Wednesday, May 3 at 11 am ET. During the session, Senior Principal Product Manager Mike Marriage and Senior Manager of Software Engineering Terry Mays will discuss how OpenEdge Pro2 5.0 enables companies to:

  • Simplify change management
  • Streamline database maintenance and configuration
  • Improve replication speed—almost twice as fast in some tests

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