Let a Chatbot Handle Those
Repetitive Helpdesk Questions

Webinar On-Demand

A common problem that businesses face is providing answers to repetitive questions in a friendly, convenient, and highly available manner. Providing docs, FAQ pages and knowledge base articles are the norm to enable self-service discovery of answers.

However, users are still having a hard time finding the correct answer to their questions. This means a higher number of direct inquiries for support teams, who end up doing the bulk of the repetitive work.

In this webinar, we are going to explore a modern approach for minimizing this repetitive load through Chatbots! Based on years of experience building chatbots, we'll show strategies for isolating the correct set of questions, what constitutes a question variation, and how to tackle problems that arise from similarities in different questions.

You’ll also hear about a limited program at Progress where we’ll work with you to build your first FAQ chatbot and get it to your preferred channel within a couple of weeks!


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