Developer's Guide to Building a Chatbot with NativeChat

Webinar On-demand

Would you like to build a chatbot for your business using the web skills you already know?

Join our live interactive webinar session to learn how you can create and deploy a fully functional chatbot in less than 15 minutes!

In this webinar we will:

  • Dive into the core concepts of what makes a chatbot.
  • Show how to employ Natural Language Processing to create a conversation flow that feels 100% natural
  • Look at a variety of possible conversations and challenges that go with them.
  • Give you tips and tricks to build a unique bot from scratch for your business

You’ll also hear about a limited program at Progress where we’ll work with you to build your first FAQ chatbot and get it to your preferred channel within a couple of weeks!



Sebastian Witalec Sebastian Witalec

Sebastian Witalec
Developer Relations

Jonathan Pereira
Developer Engagement