iTether Delivers Substance Abuse Treatment Innovation with Progress Health Cloud

Substance abuse has a huge financial impact on the economy, with related crime, lost productivity and healthcare expenses costing billions of dollars annually. Better addiction treatment could help cut those costs significantly, but strict regulations and a tepid response to new digital platforms have limited innovation in the space.

Sean Gunderson, co-founder of iTether, believes his company’s patient engagement app can transform the way addiction treatment is delivered. Gunderson’s team utilized Progress Health Cloud to develop the iTether application and extend patient treatment long past the typical 30-day in-patient program.

With Progress Health Cloud, iTether could:

  • Quickly develop an application from the ground up, with a minimal viable product produced in just two months
  • Ensure HIPAA compliance out of the box, which helped iTether focus on more mission-critical tasks
  • Develop a platform that patients love, with 85% of patients saying they would use iTether in the future to make decisions about their recovery