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The Fastest, Easiest Way to Integrate Oracle Systems with Salesforce

Real-Time Integration, Not Data Duplication

All you need is Salesforce Connect and an OData connectivity solution.

Are you struggling with integrating data in Oracle systems like Siebel and JD Edwards with Salesforce? Are you feeling pressure to deliver data-driven features to your Salesforce users? The best way to do that is with Salesforce Connect, which uses OData to integrate external data.

But Salesforce Connect doesn’t provide OData connectivity to Oracle. Nor does Oracle play well with OData. What’s needed is a connectivity solution that combines OData services with built-in access to Oracle. In this whitepaper, we’ll take a look at Salesforce Connect, OData and what to look for in a real-time connectivity solution.

Better approach to Salesforce/Oracle integration

  • Access Oracle systems directly from Salesforce
  • Eliminate the need for extensive integration projects
  • Improve productivity for developers and Salesforce administrators
  • Integrate in real time without impact on existing systems
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