2018 Data Connectivity Annual Report

Connect Any Application to Any REST API—Quickly and Without Coding


With data fragmented and scattered across various systems, data integration complexities just keep multiplying as businesses constantly look to implement new data sources.

To meet this data connectivity demand, Progress developed the DataDirect Autonomous REST Connector. This intelligent, customizable data connectivity solution enables businesses to build and deploy enterprise-grade data connectors in minutes without coding.

Download the whitepaper and discover how the Autonomous REST Connector enables enterprises to:

  • Quickly connect any REST API to any application
  • Embrace the essence of high productivity with intelligent, codeless connectivity
  • Conduct real-time data analysis with a fast and easy API connection

No two APIs are the same, so no two connectors can be either. Autonomous REST Connector provides you with the custom data connectivity you need in today’s digital landscape.

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