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Open versus Embedded Analytics for Cloud Apps

Which is Better for you?

What is the right strategy for your product – ”embedded analytics,”or “open analytics,” that allow friction-less integration with external tools?

Or could it be both?

Cloud vendors are seeing a deluge of requests from customers looking to support advanced analytics. Failing to deliver on analytics in a data driven world increases churn and decreases lifetime customer value. Today, end users are able to analyze data in basic use cases as ISVs began to embed analytics into cloud and on-premises applications.

On the other end, IT and LoBs analysts are becoming more sophisticated than ever before with standalone analytics tools that are part of a $16 billion market and becoming more powerful and connected to a larger variety of data sources to gather deeper insights for the organization as a whole.

What's the right move for you?

Join our webinar to:

  • Get a market overview for popular analytics and data management tools
  • Learn about embedded analytics and where it fits in an analytics strategy for cloud apps
  • Learn about open analytics for cloud apps and how to deliver a BYOA ("bring your own analytics”) strategy
  • Receive an overview of DataDirect Hybrid Services
  • Enable open analytics via standard SQL (ODBC/JDBC) and REST (OData)

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