Modern Data Engineering Tools for Cloud and Big Data

Modern ETL Tools for Cloud and Big Data

Cloud and big data are now mainstream—making IT’s challenge one of effectively integrating enterprise data with these modern systems. But the challenge is multifaceted, with IT needing to master modern ETL toolkits plus address new issues such as enterprise data security beyond the firewall, support for popular data sources such as Salesforce, Eloqua, SQL Server or Oracle, custom connectivity needs and more.

This webinar will help you understand your options to tackle this multifaceted challenge, including:

  • An overview of Modern Data Management
  • ETL Tools for the Cloud: AWS Glue, Google DataFlow, Azure Data Factory
  • ETL Tools for Hadoop: Apache Sqoop, Apache Nifi, Apache Flume
  • Best Practices for Modern ETL


  • Michael Rainey, Technical Advisor, Gluent
  • Ken Beutler, Principal Product Manager, Progress

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