Webinar: Firewall Friendly Pipeline for Secure Data Access

Hybrid data connectivity for all clouds and grounds.

Firewall Friendly Pipeline for Secure Data Access

On September 29 at 11:00 am ET we learned how to securely access data behind the firewall, without requiring SSH tunnels, reverse proxies or any changes to the firewall. This allows public or private cloud applications to access data stored within your organization. Data is accessed using industry standard interfaces for SQL (ODBC or JDBC) and REST (OData).

This webinar mentions the product DataDirect Cloud. The DataDirect Cloud capabilities discussed in this webinar are now available in DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline.


Dipak Patel, Principal Product Manager - Progress DataDirect
Sumit Sarkar, Chief Data Evangelist - Progress DataDirect

Experts from Progress® DataDirect® covered:

  • How to establish a firewall friendly connection
  • Best practices and lessons learned from accessing data behind firewalls
  • How Board and Intuit connect their cloud applications to on-premises data

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