Stay Ahead of the Curve with Progress DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline

Stay Ahead of the Curve with Progress DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline

January 23, 2020 0 Comments
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Organizations commonly have critical data housed on-premises as well as in the cloud, making access complicated. The Progress DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline simplifies this data connectivity challenge.

Successful companies originally envisioned the cloud as a critical enabler and accelerator of their digital transformation. The cloud, however, turned out not to be a complete solution. A hybrid approach of keeping critical data on-premises while using multiple public/private cloud architectures to provide the ability to support rapid innovation, lower IT overhead, and shift data management needs at scale emerged as the more practical choice. However, this new diverse hybrid environment, the proliferation of data, and APIs spanning new applications, amplified data access fragmentation challenges, caused more data silos, increased costs, and hindered business outcomes.

The DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline (HDP) solves these new challenges.

DataDirect HDP Provides a Robust Connective Infrastructure for Hybrid IT


HDP introduces the flexibility to adapt to the cloud at your own pace and make the right decisions to keep vital data close at hand. HDP also allows your company to take advantage of existing IT infrastructure while reducing its footprint over time in favor of emerging technology in both cloud capabilities and on-premises servers.

In addition, HDP allows your organization to develop operational processes that mitigate the disruptions of digital transformation, reduce product time-to-market, optimize costs and accelerate revenue streams. This is done through the power of connected data across on-premises and cloud sources as varied as the Internet of Things (IoT), streaming, and big data. This route lets you leverage existing IT personnel, skills, resources, and knowledge within a corporate environment that can adapt multiple personas and data types as they emerge in the new data environments that artificial intelligence and machine learning will create.

Progress DataDirect Guides Your Hybrid Journey with HDP

We've developed a whitepaper that walks you through the Hybrid Data Pipeline infrastructure and use. You can check it out here:  

Read the Whitepaper

The DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline gives you a head start in handling the hybrid data knowledge curve and puts your organization in a much better competitive position for meeting the demands of your customers.

Howard Davidson

Howard Davidson

Howard Davidson is the proud brand manager for Progress DataDirect. He’s been developing b2b strategy, creating content, increasing brand awareness and driving leads for nearly several decades. Follow Howard on Twitter @hdavidson and on LinkedIn.

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