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Progress® Unite UX® Sketch is a tool for designers where they can add and elaborate on the design of a web application, export their work, and automatically integrate it with the code behind.

Building Blocks


The Unite UX Sketch plugin provides a set of options—for example, adding extra metadata for describing web behavior in static design, linking the design to custom components, and customizing themes of Kendo UI components.

To install the Unite UX Sketch plugin, double-click the unite-ux.sketchplugin file or drag it into the opened Sketch application.

The Sketch plugin provides the following functionality and features:

Sketch Plugin

Component Library

The Unite UX Sketch Kendo UI library is a standard Sketch library which contains all available Sketch symbols for the Kendo UI for Angular and KendoReact components.

Sketch Library

Each symbol represents a different state of the components. After you add the Kendo-Library.sketch file as a Sketch library, you can drag and drop the Kendo UI component symbols by using the Sketch Insert menu.

To avoid breaking the relation with the library, avoid copy-pasting the master symbols directly from the Kendo-Library.sketch file.

Sketch Library

Component Instances

All Unite UX Sketch component instances are library instance symbols which can be copied and pasted in documents without losing the reference to the library itself. The component instances are located in the Unite UX.sketch file (Component Instances page).

Sketch Plugin

Layout Templates

All Unite UX Sketch layout templates are layout templates which can be used as a starting point for building responsive web design. The layout templates are located in the Unite UX.sketch file.

Sketch Templates

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