Unite UX version 0.8.0 Release Notes

Features Changed

  • Additional layout containers in Studio

  • Add Sample app in Studio

  • Add step-by-step tutorial article

  • Add SearchBox custom component in Studio and in generated apps

  • Have the ability to resize column bootstrap width on the canvas

  • Add a default style for empty row and column

  • Make clear that base URL should be input in the data source

  • Improve chart/graph behavior in Sketch

  • Include tooltips on all buttons in the Studio

  • Remove text descriptions on the left panel of the view

  • Have the ability to resize Output in Studio

  • Sketch Plug-in link to Videos

  • Create Row and Col if you drag/drop single component on the canvas

  • Wrap component in container component when it is dropped directly in empty view

  • Have the ability to edit the base URI of the data provider once it has been added

Fixes Changed

  • Sketch plugin menu items are not tracked

  • Define content area option is disabled when it should be enabled

  • Side padding of columns is not applied in the generated application

  • Date picker and date time picker do not respect default value in Angular

  • Disable copy/paste service outside the canvas and responsive tree

  • Casing for View name and alias is ignored

  • Design components are recreated on every export

  • Generator errors fail to notify the user

  • Setting a component to be part of the App Layout breaks the translations

  • Error on translation for React for date-picker type components

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