The Col is part of the Layout components which the Unite UX supports.


  • Represents a column element.
  • Allows configuration options such as adding, data managing, and deletion.
  • Used for building responsive layouts in the Blank and App Layout views.
  • Allow the drag-and-drop of components and rows only, but not other col components.

Properties of Interest

  • Column widths—You can specify, or change the column width (column span) for each screen size. There are 12 available column slots available in each row. A column can occupy one or more slots. For example, you can have 12 columns that span one slot each or three columns that span four slots each.
  • Hide on—You can hide a column on a given screen size by selecting the checkbox for that screen width. You can use this feature to provide more details on larger screens while minimizing the content that is displayed for smaller devices.
  • Allowed Roles—You can assign certain user roles to a column so that it is rendered only when currently logged users are authorized with these roles. For more information, refer to the article on authorization.
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