Scope of Support

This document covers the scope of support for the OpenEdge, Corticon and DataDirect products. For the scope of support for Sitefinity, please see this page.

What is Covered

Product guidance

  • Providing explanations & guidance of:
    • standard product functionality.
    • intended use of functions.
    • coding techniques.
    • product capabilities.
    • Configurations.
  • Diagnosing/troubleshooting warnings, errors and exceptions within Progress products or customer code made with Progress products.

Product defects and Enhancement requests

  • Diagnosing and reporting bugs that appear to be in Progress products or Progress code.
  • Diagnosing bugs in user-created files and source code generated using Progress products. Customer shall isolate issue to a sample of reproducible files or code.
  • Suggests workaround for product defects where possible.
  • Providing information on scheduled versions to fix.
  • Facilitating access to service packs and hotfixes.
  • Providing guidance to log Enhancement Requests on Progress Community.

Product, Compatibility and Version information

  • Providing clarification of Platform Availability and product compatibility.
  • Provide information (where available) on planned platform certification.
  • Suggesting specific Progress products to accomplish specific goals.

Performance related support

  • Reporting of performance bugs in Progress products.
  • Providing general guidance on performance improvements (no system specific tuning).
  • Some tuning for non OpenEdge Progress products.

Remote assistance and Virtual Machines

  • Providing remote assistance when needed. Customer will have the responsibility and control of the session.
  • Diagnosing/troubleshooting customer issues in virtualized environment provided by customer where appropriate.

Working with Support

  • Providing assistance on issues with:
    • SupportLink
    • Communities
    • Company websites
    • Download Center
    • Providing support for Evaluation licenses for DataDirect Connector

What is Not Covered

Performance tuning of OpenEdge database or applications

Providing training

Database Administration and Networking tasks

  • Platform migration.
  • Disaster recovery planning.
  • Proactive monitoring of the application environment.
  • Database health checks.
  • Interpreting results or providing training on data analysis.
  • Administrating, configuring or debugging the customer’s system or network.

Project migrations and upgrades

  • Custom implementation for client requirements, including:
    • writing custom programs and functions.
    • implementing a solution using customer-written code or applications.

Third-Party product support

  • Recommending, assessing or troubleshooting third-party products (e.g reporting tools, replacement ActiveX controls, drivers or hardware, etc.).
  • Supporting files or contributions not created with Progress products or supporting files from 3rd parties, Communities or Professional Services.


  • Unauthorized modifications made to shipped Progress files, code or scripts.

Providing support for Evaluation licenses

Delivery of Licenses or licenses keys

Providing direct support to customers of Progress partners

Providing direct access to Development staff


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