Enhancement Requests

Progress welcomes your feedback on product ideas (enhancement requests), which can be submitted through product-specific idea portals.

Login access using your Progress ID username and password is required.

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To submit your idea, click the “New idea” button and supply a name and description for your idea, as well as any other information that is requested. Note that existing ideas may be brought to your attention as you type, to assist in determining if your idea has already been recorded.

Your idea description should provide information on what problem you are trying to solve and the value to the business if that problem is solved. Only discuss possible technical implementation as a way to clarify what is needed. Your description should include:

  • The use case(s) for the idea: how would someone make use of the proposed new capability to achieve value?
  • Quantify the business value whenever possible. For example, “if implemented, this capability will lower our operating costs by $50K/year”.
  • Any current alternatives/workarounds for the idea, if such alternatives exist, and why these are not acceptable.

You can review and vote on ideas, comment on those ideas, and subscribe to any idea. You are automatically subscribed when you enter a new idea, and you can subscribe to any other idea. By subscribing, you will receive automatic email updates when there are significant status changes and when comments are made to the idea.

New ideas are reviewed in a timely fashion by the Progress Product Management team. Given the volume of ideas, it is not possible to continuously provide updates on each one, however, as Progress takes up an idea for implementation and ultimately for shipment in the product, the status changes will trigger emails to the idea submitter and to any subscriber of the idea to help keep them appraised.