Native Mobile Apps and Modernized Infrastructure

Build native mobile apps for any platform and modernize your infrastructure to a serverless, cloud-native architecture.

The Challenge

Deliver Native Apps,
Support Modern Workloads

Users demand native experiences but responsive web and hybrid solutions have well-documented drawbacks, and supporting multiple development teams and code bases isn’t practical.

Meanwhile, most infrastructures can’t stand up to mobile, IoT and event-based workloads. The answer is to develop with a single code base and a cloud-native serverless infrastructure to support all your needs.

The Solution

Native Experiences, Modern Architecture

The Progress® Mobility Solution creates native experiences for each digital channel with a single code base, plus modernizes your environment with a serverless, cloud-native backend.

The solution lets you:

Deliver Native Solutions

Leverage web skills to build iOS and Android apps from a single code base.

Multi-Channel Experiences

Re-useable code helps ease development of multi-channel experiences including chat, voice and AR.

Leverage an Instant Backend

Provide enterprise-grade backend services instantly through cloud services that simplify integration, messaging and compliance.

Cloud Choice

A cloud-native and serverless architecture allows you to use the cloud provider of choice—no complexity or lock-in.


Full JavaScript Stack,
Serverless Cloud Backend

Everything you need to build and deploy native cross-channel apps on a secure, flexible backend.

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The Business Benefit

A Single Solution for Multi-Channel Experiences

Create and deliver immersive native experiences across all channels using readily-available development skills, while leveraging a complete and secure backend:

Success Story

CIM Mobility Doubles Developer Productivity

CIM Mobility chose NativeScript as its cross-platform development solution for iOS, Android and Windows as it met the company’s technical requirements and proved to be easy to learn and use for its .NET development staff.

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Why Progress?

Foundation Technology

The Progress Mobility Solution is powered by the Kinvey cloud platform and the NativeScript open source application development framework.


Serverless Cloud Backend

Kinvey is a serverless, cloud-native platform that powers mission-critical apps and entire digital businesses.


Open Source Framework

NativeScript is an open source framework for building truly native mobile apps with Angular, TypeScript or JavaScript with a single code base for iOS and Android.

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Progress Mobility Solution

Everything you need to build and deploy native cross-channel experiences
on a secure, flexible backend.