Secure Business to Business Integration and Managed File Transfer

Small and large organizations alike are looking for cost-effective ways to collaborate and exchange critical business files, increase order-to-cash cycles, and extend the value of supply chains. The challenge is finding a flexible, scalable solution that will modernize your company’s IT environment, enhance its value, strengthen your partner network, and provide a quick ROI.

MessageWay® is a Business to Business Integration (B2Bi) and Managed File Transfer (MFT) platform that lets companies quickly implement secure data processing transmissions and transformation services into their file transfer operations.

The MessageWay solution delivers fast time-to value while meeting compliance requirements and SLAs; reducing data loss; cutting costs; and increasing efficiency, revenue, and profit.

  • Increase Business Agility: Quickly resolve integration challenges between applications like CRM, ERP and supply chain.
  • Interoperable with Existing Infrastructure Using: Custom process integration interfaces.
  • Govern and Enforce: Mitigate data loss risk by increasing end-to-end control and visibility from the edge of the network to the application environment with no data in the DMZ.
  • Transform and Validate: Provide EDI data transformation for application-ready file formats.
  • Reliable and Scalable: Performance proven to handle extreme volumes of data exchanges, thousands of trading partners, and millions of end users.

MessageWay Benefits

Accelerate Time to Revenue

Eliminating manual processes and adopting electronic processing capabilities naturally accelerates the speed with which an enterprise can handle orders, payments, and settlements. MessageWay’s rapid provisioning capability quickly adds new customers and suppliers to the network, allowing your organization to scale the system as the trading community grows.

Ensure Superior SLA Performance

Managing SLA agreements can be complex and subjective when the necessary performance data is not available. MessageWay alleviates these issues by automating the business process flow outlined in an SLA agreement, enabling the enterprise to meet and exceed defined performance standards. In addition, MessageWay identifies late or missing file transmissions and alerts partners in advance of potential financial consequences.

Improve Customer Responsiveness

MessageWay’s unique design delivers optimal flexibility and supports the introduction of new services to customers, suppliers, and partners. It provides instant visibility to file exchange information for quick response to customer inquiries.

Ensure Compliance and Accountability

MessageWay is equipped with “one-click” tracking that displays comprehensive file history and supports regulatory and audit requirements in real time. This unique capability allows retrieval of all parent-child related messages in the B2B process flow, documenting every file state change to ensure that your business meets regulatory requirements, such as Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, and other federal mandates.

MessageWay: Consolidation and Control of Enterprise File Exchange

FTP servers and proprietary file movement clients often times proliferate below the radar. Today these environments represent security and operational risks to the business with compliance violations resulting from data residing in the DMZ, unsecure pockets of data throughout the internal network and a lack of unified access control and auditing. Operationally, these environments have multiple points of failure, do not scale, are difficult to support and are nearly impossible to implement in a highly available architecture. With increasing security regulations, rising costs in application support and maintenance and legacy applications/hardware being retired, now is the time to take complete control over your B2B and MFT operations.

MessageWay mitigates these risks by migrating these processes in-whole or in-part into a single secure, scalable and reliable solution with visibility into all file processing while preserving required custom applications and processes.

With MessageWay in your environment both your internal and external file transfer customers will experience an enhanced level of security, availability, performance and consistency in their file exchange services.

MessageWay Manager

From provisioning and scheduling to routing and tracking all message activity, MessageWay Manager provides centralized control over all electronic file movement. With configurable notifications and alerts, your organization benefits from real-time control and visibility of operations at any moment in time. MessageWay Manager provides easy-to-use tools that enable you to establish intelligent workflow and control the unique processing requirements of every file exchange with trading partners.

MessageWay Integrator

MessageWay Integrator enables you to modernize your existing application environment with secure MFT and B2B capabilities. Integration adapters and services provide capabilities for loosely coupling custom processes via command line or scripts for rapid migration and deployment. Custom programs and scripts can be written in any language supported on the operating system. Integration with legacy protocols like Connect:Direct can also be performed by easily retrofitting your existing scripts.

MessageWay Transport

MessageWay Transport provides you with highly scalable and secure client & server communications that enable you to exchange files in complete confidence – on both sides of the firewall. With MessageWay’s diskless perimeter servers, “data at rest” issues in non-secured areas of your network (e.g. DMZ) are eliminated with secure streaming.

Whether receiving files from your trading partners or ‘pushing’ files to them, data is securely streamed through your DMZ without the need to store data even temporarily in less secured zones of your multi-tiered network.

MessageWay Transport’s architecture has been accepted in organizations with even the most stringent network security policies in place.

MessageWay Translator–Optional Module

The MessageWay Translator is available as an optional module and provides high-performance data translation services using predefined data transformation maps to translate files types such as flat files, XML, X12, EDIFACT, ERP, SWIFT, ACH, HL7, BAI2 and proprietary.

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