What's New in iMacros 2021

iMacros 2021.0 is built on the open-source CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework) browser engine and aims to provide the same automation level as the previous version of iMacros 12.6. Now, customers can automate all modern websites using the native iMacros browser!

Some of the latest features of iMacros 2021 include:

  • Friendly rich user interface
  • Integrated macro editor
  • Comprehensive logging
  • Print pages to PDF
  • Ignore specific types of errors

Here are the newly added commands and variables:

  • !LOG_EXTRACTED_DATA. Playback can now be paused and the extracted data can be shown on the log window by setting this variable
  • PRINTPDF command prints the current page to a PDF file
  • !IGNORE_ELEMENTNOTFOUND. Set this variable to YES to ignore only element not found errors. Playback will stop on timeout, or other errors.
  • !IGNORE_TIMEOUT. Set this variable to YES to ignore only timeout errors. Playback will stop on element not found, or other errors.

Specific details for this version can be found in the iMacros 2021 Release notes.

Customers with an active service agreement can download the latest version from the Community or download a free trial of iMacros 2021 today!

Need Any Help?

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