Data Extraction

Complete Toolset for Web Scraping, Data Extraction and Web Mining

Web Scraping, Data Extraction and Web Mining

Do you need to pull website data into your database, spreadsheet or any other application? In just minutes, you can use iMacros to do all the web-harvesting you need – automatically.

Extract Anything

Whether it’s price lists, stock information, financial data or any other type of data, iMacros can extract it. Once you have your data, iMacros can write it to standard text files, including .csv, or you can use iMacros' powerful scripting interface to save data directly to databases.

Multi-Process Support

iMacros can run multiple browser instances concurrently, giving you the power to extract high volumes of data from many pages and sites at once. And iMacros has full Unicode support, allowing it to extract text in all languages, including Asian languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Real-World Use Cases

Some real-word examples of how our customers have used iMacros to extract data:

  • Extract online pricing data, subtract one cent and add it to your online store.
  • Update internal systems with the latest exchange rates and stock-market quotations.
  • Gather leads from online business directories.
  • Gather search engine rankings.
  • Gather company information from many different directory websites.
  • Monitor order status from ecommerce portals. See what orders you still need to fulfill, when they were ordered, and all applicable details.
  • Gather bookings for any type of resort, or area.
  • Gather price, quantity, item name, description, etc., from a supplier’s website.
  • Check competitor’s shipping rates on major shopping sites.
  • Monitor web-server availability and status.
  • Perform keyword and PPC research.
  • Extract product images and specification documents.
  • Extract useful information from encyclopedia and journal websites.
  • Check the meta information on pages of a website (description, keywords, page title).
  • Extract real estate listings and automate the entry of BPO (broker price opinion) forms.

Securely Share Files Across the Enterprise and Globally

Works with every website
Even websites that use dialog boxes, frames, Javascript, Flash, Flex, Java and even AJAX can be automated with iMacros.
Zero learning curve
iMacros integrates with every Windows scripting or programming language, so there's no need to learn a new language to work with iMacros.
You're in full control
iMacros is an application that you can run on your own machine(s), not a hosted service. You have full control over it and it never expires.
Built-in toolset
iMacros comes with sample macros, scripts and programs (with complete source code) that you can easily customize for your own needs.

Try iMacros for Free

With over 10+ million downloads, iMacros is the world’s most popular web automation, data extraction, and web testing solution. Why not use iMacros to take charge of your web automation needs today?